Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Walk Hard

W. 28th St. & 7th Ave., Manhattan

I like to walk really fast. When I'm trucking down a long block I'll scope out targets up ahead of me and set goals for where and when I'll pass them. It keeps things interesting.

"Casually intense," as I would put it, is how I attack the hussle and bustle. And you really have to attack. The word "casually" could be replaced with smoothly, but it doesn't really matter. If you always push your pace, if you are the pace setter, then when it really counts, you'll almost always be in the lead. That sounds really cheesy... but I'm ok with that.

Walk Hard, Man

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morning News

Bus Stop, Myrtle Ave. at Ryerson St. looking East

You gotta love getting up before the sun. Out the door as first light cracks onto the street backlighting thin clouds overhead. It's cold, but you're prepaired, the air can't hurt you, just enjoy.

NEWS- I read in Time Out New York recently that there is a method to eleminating garlic breath while still eating garlic. Basically, cut the garlic in half vertically and you will see a tiny green stem running down the middle. Use your knife and flick it out. That's it. The green stem inside the garlic accounts for the stank. That's amazing!

In other news, Yellow Cab's now have GPS mapping in the back for customers. It's nice.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome To Brooklyn

My First Pad in New York City (Upstairs) 14 Steuben St. Brooklyn, NY

When I moved out to New York I had no idea what my living situation was going to be. I came out here solo so knew I was looking at finding roommates; in a city of 15 million, the task seemed daunting. Nontheless, in a short matter of time I was walking my stuff up the stairs into a two story warehouse across the street from the Brooklyn Naval Yard on the Fort Greene side. I had found a guy who ran his own high end photo print lab and was looking for somone to fill one of the "side lofts" in the space.

I lived here for 10 months... Within learning firsthand the pros and cons of living in a commercial space, I redevloped my love for long underwear and wool socks.

Park Ave. alongside the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Catch the B61 Bus from here to Downtown Brooklyn or up into Williamsburg.

Below the BQE, "The Steel Canopy"
The Brooklyn neighborhood of Clinton Hill is not too far from Steuben, just a nice stroll beneath the BQE and a block up Grand St. and whalla!...Myrtle Ave. Grocrey Stores, Unisex Salons, Jewish Deli's and enough bodegas to keep everyone and their monther stocked with beer blunts and lotto tickets.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mike and Julie

Athens County, Ohio

It's different out in the sticks. The roads are tighter to the wheel and the flow of traffic is like a needle in the 'ol haystack. The nearest interstate is 90 miles away, the nearest state route is 23, nearest county road, 10.

All is well in rural Athens.

Julie is four months along with their child. They support eachother equally, each the others crutch, as Julie stands at the end of their drive while Mike fixes the mailbox.

Image Copywrite, Robert Teten, 2006