Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chase the Dreamer

Chase, Motion Graphic Designer, BedStuy

Chase translates three dimensional ideas into the realities of a two dimensional world.  Simply put, he's damn good, but his aptitude and eagerness to collaborate is infectious and makes him one of the best out there.  He's the kind of guy who built rockets as a kid, and not surprisingly,  his last client was NASA. 

Check out his website, http://www.kinetogenic.com/

Friday, February 19, 2010

Smiles in BedStuy-- The Creative Frontier

Roberta, Actress, BedStuy 

 ROBERTA goes through her normal routine before an audition;  a final glance at dialog,  decaf tea, and a wacky look into the mirror to keep things light.
     "It's not easy starting out, there's a million people who would die for this same spot so it doesn't work trying to wrap your head around the whole process.  You just have to be you."
     Roberta moved to New York from Austin and has been in Bed-Stuy the whole time.
     "I love this neighborhood. It's away from a lot of the shit that bogs people down in this city, but close enough to get around no problem. All my neighbors are artists of some sort, we all vibe off eachother."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doors of Perception

    Regina and Alex, Summer in Philly, July 2009

It feels like in the dead of winter a warm summer breeze is something impossible to ever feel again.  Eyes scan the horizon-- nothing, the low marsh-- like quiet flashing thoughts, feeling the buzz of evolutionary adaptations to the bitters of frozen life.  Shiver!  

Planets turn and orbit as time moves forward-- Gulf winds prevail-- restoring warmth as life's little nudge to jump into cold water and enjoy all over again.