Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mental Mayhem, Son of a Gypsy

Mr. Mayhem in Philly, 2009, on set for his cameo in the Ellis Ashbrook music video shoot of Hard To Be Easy .

Mayhem's gift is tangling words and meanings while tying your brain into a mental launch pad to vivid encounters from day to day existence.  He recommends calming down and opening up.

Lil' Sis Gets Hitched: Annie & Adam

Boulder, Colorado buzzed for this one.  

Annie tosses the goods; Annie & Adam heading toward the Boulder Theater; Jim, Tudy, Paul & John at the Reception

It was an epic weekend to say the least.  There are, of course, many more images, and will be released over a period of tasteful time.  Stay tuned for the video of B&JT jamming on stage with Nate Frog.